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What is User Adoption?

80% of software implementation projects fail due to lack of a User Adoption process. Managers often ask a thousand dollar investment in a new CRM system about: why don’t people use the system? Why do they say that the system “does not work”? Who is responsible for keeping the data updated?

How is the need for a User Adoption identified?

An implementation of a new system means a CHANGE in the “day to day” of your organizational gear. Who takes responsibility after an imminent failure at the user level? It is undoubtedly a complex problem that must be addressed in a structured way and taking precautions. Any organization that begins the adoption process must have a guide and above all with sufficient support so as not to lose confidence in the process. In conclusion, any implementation requires user adoption which must be planned and have professional guidance for its success.

Objective of User Adoption

The objective is to generate value through Salesforce in the areas of: Customer service Commercial Marketing Demand Scheduling Collections and accounting Employee tasks and routine HHRR,

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