Balance Scorecard applied in Consulting – Incompany Salesforce

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Balance Scorecard applied in Consulting

The methodology is applied in order to diagnose the analysis elements from the 4 BUSINESS perspectives:

– Internal processes (commercial data registration and internal steps to bill and deliver the product / service).
– Clients (prospecting, monitoring methodology, post-sale service).
– Financial (indicators of profitability per customer, delinquency).
– Learning and knowledge (culture, fluidity of internal communications, mainly between the commercial area and others).

The success of Business Consulting depends largely on the understanding of the Strategy and Vision of its leaders. This is the starting point that allows us to begin the discovery / recognition of the key performance measures (KPIs) of each area of ​​the business. And that through Salesforce and its different applications allows us to control and monitor its behavior for future improvement plans.

The identification of problems or symptoms come from causes associated with:

– Manual documentation of commercial information.
– Absence of a sales methodology.
– Absence of internal communication channels between Commercial-Finance / Credit Collection / Operations / Customer Service.
– Lack of market information / trends / competition.


We focus on identifying “getting things done” processes and deepen customer relationships and customer service structures as well as interactions with new market niches. The causes can be listed in “herringbone” diagrams that facilitate the visualization of their affected areas.

The “actionable steps” to define:

The impact of Business Consulting to boost your company’s sales is only possible under an Action Plan that includes within the Salesforce implementation and configuration the solutions to the greatest number of problems identified (such as those cited above). In these actionable can not miss:

– Integration processes between Salesforce and other systems.
– Dashboards for executives.
– Dashboards for Managerial use.
– Daily tasks and agenda tracking.
– Effective internal communication – use of Chatter.

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